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Public Safety Software Inc. supplies law enforcement agencies, as well as other public safety entities such as fire departments and emergency medical service agencies, with innovative technology solutions that dramatically enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

We have become a leader in the public safety software industry by combining the latest technologies with real world experience. This approach has allowed us to develop systems that are not only extremely efficient and powerful, but also very intuitive and easy to use. We employ both experienced developers and staff, in addition to having real life law enforcement and public safety experience, to ensure our systems deliver unmatched functionality and efficiency.

Our software is utilized in nearly every level of public safety including State, County, Municipal, Transit and Tribal agencies. Agencies are able to take advantage of our installation and integration experience to create solutions that allow them to provide the most value and best possible service to their communities. We firmly believes that our systems are there to support the agency’s policies and procedures without requiring a large commitment to additional resources or training for its users. Our systems utilize a look and feel that does not intimidate or threaten novice users, yet still provides experienced users the capabilities and function they demand. Dedicated local professional support is also provided to agencies to ensure they are able to take advantage of all the benefits our systems can offer.

Continued growth and development of the company and its systems are what we strive for every day. This is done through a company–wide commitment to outstanding client support and dedication to utilizing the latest tools and technology available in the industry. We work constantly with our industry and agency partners to provide the best solutions to the public safety industry.

Features Your Agency Receives:
True Browser–Based RMS Access to incident information from any securely connected computer
Ability to more easily share information with agencies than any other vendor
Multi–jurisdictional, Multi–agency Systems CAD, RMS, Civil Process, LE Mobile and Fire Mobile
Regional Information Centers
Regional Dispatch
Quickest and most effective install available Complete install averages 12–16 weeks from kick–off to go–live (compared to a year or more with other providers)
Most efficient records system available Browser–based system means full access from anywhere including squad cars and tablets
Redundant data entry virtually eliminated
Easy to learn and use with nearly 100% utilization
Most integrated system available State crime computers, NCIC, UCR, IBR
VINE, LiveScan, Social Security, PictureLink
ProQA, ScenePD, TraCS, Transit Master, ImageTrend


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