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Our bulks range in categories from soup to nuts to everything in between. We have a wide variety of flours, grains, nuts, rice and beans.


Bleached all-purpose, whole wheat pastry, almond, barley, buckwheat, bread flour, falafel, oat, brown rice, white rice, rye, seven grain, spelt, tapioca and wheat. We also carry other hard to find flours, prepackaged, coconut, garbanzo, fava, potato, quinoa, teff and semolina.


Basmati, short and long grain brown, Chinese black, Himalayan red, jasmine, brown jasmine, purple sticky, sweet brown, old work pilaf, saffron and wild pecan.


Raw almonds, roasted no salt almonds, sliced, slivered or tamari almonds, brazils, raw cashews, filberts, pistachios, macadamias, raw mixed and roasted mixed.

Dried Beans

Baby lima, black eyed peas, black turtle cannellini, cranberry, garbanzo, chana dal, fava, great northern, kidney, lentils, soy mung, peas, pinto, red and rice beans.


Barley, flakes, barley hulled and pealed, buckwheat groats, bulgar cracked wheat, millet, nine grain mix, organic oatmeal, steelcut oats, oat bran, wheat bran, psyllium husk, quinoa red and black, rye berries, rye flakes, wheat berries, wheat flakes, wheat germ, kasha and spelt berries.